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Die Alchemistin und der Fluch der Zeit

Alchemist Cursed in Time

Petr Kubik
Czech Republic, 2023, 134 Min

A dark magician wants to acquire all of Oberon's magical powers. The young alchemist Amélie and her friends want to prevent this. What no one knows: one of the magical powers is in Amélie herself.  Recommended from 8 years

In the sequel to the successful and internationally sold PRINCESS CURSED IN TIME, the focus is now on the alchemist Amélie. After she destroyed the crystal containing the rune of time in the first part, it seemed to have disappeared. Now the dark wizard Alazar is searching for all the runes in order to absorb their power. Amélie travels to Arya with her friends Princess Ellen and Prince John to protect the runes. But she also carries a secret with her: she carries the rune of time, which is believed to have disappeared, and can now partially control it. But since she began using this power, she has been split in two and is always accompanied by her younger self. Both carry half of the rune within them, which means that Amélie cannot fully use the power, but Alazar cannot take it away from her either. Soon she must fight not only a powerful opponent, but also her own desire to keep the forbidden power.

Text: Anke Donnerstag

Lukáš Daniel Pařík, Viktor Krištof, Petr Kubik
Pavel Kopp
Dalibor Mráz
Matěj Jankovský
Vladimír Pešek, Pavel Svoboda
Lukáš Daniel Pařík
Eliška Křenková
Natália Germáni
Marek Lambora
Vojtěch Kotek
Ján Jackuliak
Simona Zmrzlá
Viktor Krištof
Three Brothers Production
nalniVideo, QQ studio Ostrava
Petr Kubik

Petr Kubik - Czech director known throughout Europe for his feminist-oriented films. His first project was the road movie Montenegro, about a road trip from the perspective of a Serbian student named Andjela. Kubik travelled with Montenegro to festivals all over the world and received numerous awards. His 2020 film The Princess and the Curse of Time was one of the most watched films on Netflix in Eastern Europe (#1 on Czech Netflix as the only Czech film in history). He is known for his detailed work on the script, which he always develops in close cooperation with the actors and actresses.

(2023) Blood Moon
(2020) Princess Cursed in Time
(2016) Montenegro
(2014) Lost Legion

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